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Zetsu Zoldyck

Post  Camolla2002 on Thu Jan 01, 2009 4:51 am

!. What is your name on the server: Zetsu Zoldyck
2. What are you applying for Gm/Admin: GM
3. Why should you be picked for this job: Well I can't convince you how reliable I am here. I believe that the impression you get of someone is made by action. However I will tell you I am a very nice person to talk to and I'm very intelligent. I've got experiance in 4 other games and have references.
4. What can you do for the server: What I can do for the server is only what I can do for the server. I can do as much as I'm allowed.
5. Would you ever help your friend on this game if you got the spot: No! I believe a GM should help everyone's gaming come along smoothly and helping just one person wouldn't be fair. I dont believe in helping people in the game anyway so there.


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