Chuunin Examination

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Chuunin Examination

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The Chuunin Exam at a glance.

Do not take the Chuunin exam if you don't know your clan inside and out. You will fail.

In order to take the Chuunin exam, you must first be at the rank of Genin. You must also have at LEAST 500 in your Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu. When there is an exam, head to the Chuunin room (Just above your spawn point for all villages but Cloud).

Part One
Part One of the Chuunin Examination consists of a series of questions. Giving you the answers would be too easy. You should take note of them during your first test, and then look them up and remember them. You have approximately one minute to complete the first portion.

Part Two
Part Two of the Chuunin Examination is the Forest of Death. You will start in one of a number of spawns along the outer wall of the forest. You will be given either a Heaven or Earth Scroll. This portion of the test is timed by however long the proctor feels. It could be five minutes, 10 minutes, or the first few participants.

In order to pass, you are to acquire a scroll of the opposite design (If you have Heaven, get an Earth. If you have an Earth, get a Heaven.). You can get it by one of two methods.

a. Kill a player, and they will drop the scroll
b. Kill an NPC and they will drop the scroll

If you don't get the scroll you're looking for, continue on. In the case of Shen hosting the Chuunin exam, you are required to kill at LEAST one player before entering the tower or you will be disqualified.

Shushin can be your best friend in the forest, as it will let you cut through the maze of trees and put you next to your target.

In the center of the map, there is a "tower" that you must enter to pass. You can only enter if you have at least one Heaven and Earth scroll.

Part Three
Part Three of the Chuunin Examination is the arena portion. Different hosts go about it different ways. Each host has a different set of rules for them, so it's suggested you work up several strategies. Most are uniform in the No Freezing rule.

When you first enter the third portion, please ignore the NPC standing there. Simply walk past him.

The third part of the exam can be taken in different forms. Some Kages promote everyone that makes it. Some turn it into a free for all fight, winner takes all. Some do team battles. Most do one on one fights. Each match can be graded on either skill, or just winning.

If you pass, you will be promoted to the rank of Chuunin. You will gain a Chuunin vest, and the ability to use the POWER UP command.


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