GM application from me : Tu Madre

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GM application from me : Tu Madre

Post  Tu Madre on Wed Dec 24, 2008 8:01 pm

!. What is your name on the server: Tu Madre
2. What are you applying for Gm/Admin: GM
3. Why should you be picked for this job: Well there are some reasons why i should be picked such as..
I am a very nice person, i obey rules and even when im told to i obey, I will not abuse or do anything that will get me banned or taken my powers away, i will be generous to other ppl, and last but not least ill try do my best. Very Happy
4. What can you do for the server: Well i can do some stuff for the server like, Genin packs, stopping arguements, and the most important will try to stop hackers.
5. Would you ever help your friend on this game if you got the spot: Never, it is unfair to the other ppl playing. They have worked so hard to reach whatever goal they're reaching for, also it would be abusing. Even if i know the person in real life and is my best friend,i will never ever do that, it would be unfair to other ppl. They have to do what the other ppl do, work there hardest to reach the goal.

Well i hope i get the spot. Very Happy

Tu Madre

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